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Hopefully, something to stir us...

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I got an email this morning from one of the new members to the community, jimeastham. I'll post it here for everyone:

I'm working on the solution to the text anamolies in the paperback editions of the DaVinci Code. I see that you started a community on Live Journal.
I posted a comment on Urban Scrawl, but I'm a blog-idiot and not sure of the best way to share my new information about this new puzzle.
First, everyone is off-track with the page numbers for each clue. The Page numbers are IRRELEVANT. It's the chapter numbers that matter. There are 2 paperback versions of the March 2006 printing: the Trade edition and the Mass Market edition. Almost all of the anamolies are in the same chapter in each edition, but NOT on the same page (except for one that is on the same page, in different chapters... another clue).
Also, I have found another set of clues that, so far, no one has found! See if you can find them (smile) They're at the beginning of chapters 15, 21, 60, 61, 73 and 83. Very hard to see, but obvious once you see it.

After exhausting the possibilities of the page numbers, I think he may be right in that they are irrelevant. Don't have the time to look at the chapter beginnings very thoroughly at the moment, but perhaps this will stir us up a bit and give us a push in the right direction.
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